Below you can find Bake'n'Rolls Terms of Service:

  1. Delegation in Tezos Proof-of-Stake is absolutely risk-free because your funds remains in your own wallet under your control. You just pick the delegate without moving your XTZ's. DO NOT share your seed words or other private credentials with anyone, keep it safe.
  2. We offer dynamic rate which means that you will receive the actual amount baked based on the current network reward rate.
  3. Bake'n'Rolls charges a 10% fee.
  4. The pay outs are processed on every cycle after the rewards have been unfrozen on the Tezos Network .
  5. Bake'n'Rolls runs a closed Telegram Community to stay in touch with all its members. The Community is also meant for internal talks on future Tezos Protocol voting decision on behalf of Bake'n'Rolls.
  6. All members can track their rewards using external services such as TzScan, Baking-Bad or our well built semi-automated Google Spreadsheet.